Investment & Asset Management

assetmanOakBridge is committed to an active investment strategy across a broad range of asset classes and styles that meet our clients’ and their advisors’ specialized needs. We develop robust strategies for risk mitigation and successfully plan for what comes after what comes next.Our distinguished and entrepreneurial investment team brings together deep market and industry knowledge in the markets in which we invest. We blend equity, single, alternative and multi-asset strategies with strong industry experience managing portfolios designed to deliver consistent performance through thoughtful and disciplined investment processes.

Real estate asset management at OakBridge covers the financial and strategic aspects of real property ownership. At OakBridge Real Estate Services we think about your assets as an owner would and treat your property as an integrated and dynamic component of a total portfolio. We regularly evaluate our clients’ portfolios in terms of growth, income, tax impact and estate planning. Our services include:

  • Developing and implementing strategies for optimizing cash flow and value creation
  • Evaluation of real property as a component of an entire portfolio and estate planning
  • Recommending appropriate acquisition, disposition, and capital improvement timing
  • Analyzing the impact of taxes on decisions
  • Organizing and negotiation  property financing
  • Coordination of legal, accounting, trust, and tax professionals
  • Risk management and insurance